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Paperback: 292 pages; dimensions (in inches): 0.91 x 8.98 x 6.06

Publisher: AMACOM; ISBN: 0814407277; 1st edition (April 2002)

About the Author
Larry Richman, PMP, has over 25 years of experience as a project manager, has developed and implemented computer-assisted project management systems, and has taught project management for over 20 years.

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Get the Instructor Guide for teaching a course using Project Management Step-by-Step. The guide includes

  • Suggested Teaching Schedule 

  • Six-week course (3-4 hour classes) 

  • Typical semester (16 one-hour classes) 

  • Handouts 

  • Classroom Exercises 

  • Overhead slides for the classroom, following the outline of the book, in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

Why adopt this text for your course?

Promotes practical application. Each chapter has application questions, exercises, and definitions of terminology. Six concise case studies help students understand and apply the issues to other projects. Answers to the exercises and case studies are in the back of the book so students can check their understanding.

Good reference book. Because of its concise writing and organization, the book is also a handy reference for the student to use in the future. A comprehensive glossary of project management terms appears at the back of the book.

Reasonably priced text at $27.95. 298 pages with numerous charts, graphs, and illustrations.

Consistent with the PMBOK® Guide 2000 Edition, the standard reference book in the project management field

Written using proven instructional design strategies. Carefully walks readers through the steps of managing projects from beginning to end. Avoids unnecessary jargon and clearly explains terminology. Reviewed by university instructors and field-tested at a university. 

Excerpts from student surveys:

  • "I much enjoyed the text by Richman. It was easier to understand and gets to the point—unlike [the other author] who is very wordy and boring."
  • "Hits important issues and takes you through the process. I liked this."
  • "Appropriate for teaching how projects are managed."
  • "Covers the same material as [the other book] but in a shorter version."
  • "Straight to the point. Easy to read. Good examples and charts."

Comments by instructors:

  • "Finally, an approach to project management that is concise, simple, and yet comprehensive. Project Management Step-by-Step is also versatile. Both the beginner and the undergraduate business student will benefit from his book."  Gregg R. Johnson, Director of Academic Affairs, University of Phoenix Utah Campus
  • "I really enjoy the straightforward approach of your book. I believe the application questions and activities really enable students to move from theory to application within their own businesses. It is exactly what I was looking for.”   Vicki Jodsaas, Alexandria Technical College, Alexandria, Minn.


  • "Larry Richman provides a handy book for any new project manager to read and apply its lessons as he or she struggles with learning the finer nuances of project management. The book also looks at project management software that can be used and the tools the software uses. Teamwork is also addressed and when you should and when you should not do something. Building a team is also explored using the wedding axiom: someone old, someone new, someone borrowed (from another department within the organization), and someone blue (a devil’s advocate who asks tough questions)." - Review by John Hoh

From Booknews:  

  • Richman is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with some 20 years of experience. His text is designed for those without formal training who want to learn the basics of project management. Coverage includes the importance and function of project management; the roles of project managers, team members, clients, and customers; the skills and techniques of planning, estimating, budgeting, and scheduling a project; various aspects of project execution, such as controlling, reporting, and managing change and risk; and the people skills necessary for leading project teams. Readers can apply the concepts through discussion questions and exercises; answers to exercises and case studies are included in an appendix. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

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