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The following organizations offer classes, seminars, or degrees in project management.

  • Project Management Institute (PMI®) (Four Campus Blvd., Newton Square, PA 19073, phone: 610-356-4600, establishes project management standards, provides seminars, educational programs and the PMP® professional certification. Founded in 1969, this professional organization has over 70,000 members worldwide.

  • International Project Management Association (IPMA) (P.O. Box 30, Monmouth NP25 4YZ, United Kingdom, phone: +44 1594 531007, fax: +44 1594 531008,, is a non-profit organization founded in 1965 that promotes project management internationally through its membership network of project management associations, individuals, and companies. It provides certification, conferences, seminars, courses, research, and publications.

  • American Management Association (1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019, phone 800-262-9699, offers courses on project management. AMA's publishing arm, AMACOM, is one of the world's largest publishers of books on project management. 

  • George Washington University, in association with Educational Services Institute (2100 Pennsylvania Ave., N. W., Suite 250, Washington, D.C. 20037-3202, phone 202-994-7375, offers classes, including masters and doctorate degrees in project management.

  • University of Phoenix (phone 800-228-7240, has campuses in more than 15 states and offers classes, including a bachelor of science degree in project management.

  • ProjectWorld (phone 888-827-6699, events combine a practical education in project management with a world-class exposition hall to meet the needs of today’s project and business professionals.

  • ProTrain China ( provides project management training in Asia.

  • Project Auditors ( offers a wide range of training and education courses in project management. Most courses are offered in either three-day or five-day versions depending on the needs of the organization.

  • For listings and descriptions of of additional courses, see

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